Kentucky Fishing

When it comes to fishing in Kentucky your choices are almost endless.  First of all Kentucky is full of wonderful places to fish.  We have numerous streams, creeks, pay lakes, ponds, rivers, and lakes that are home to an almost endless number of species of fish just waiting for you.

With so many fishing choices and different species of fish it is hard to decide on where to start when it comes to fishing in Kentucky.  One idea is Trout fishing.  The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife stocks trout in numerous waterways throughout Kentucky.  One of the best places to catch trout is Hatchery Creek located in Russell County below the Wolf Creek Dam on Lake Cumberland.

Another species of fish that you may want to put on your radar are the pan fish.  Pan fish are usually in the Sun Fish Family.  The great thing about pan fish is that they are easily found.  They are in all of the major lakes in Kentucky, as well as a lot of rivers, creeks and of course ponds. 

A fantastic resource for finding a place to go fishing is the Where to Fish page on the Kentucky Departments of Fish and Wildlife web site.  Here you will find a list of 850 public and private boat ramps that offer you prime access to great fishing spots.  You can also find out more about Fishing in Neighborhoods.  Another great resource that the KDFW has to offer can be found on their Recreational Fishing Page.

There is an old saying - "Getting there is half the fun.".  This certainly runs true for fishing in Kentucky.  From simply standing on the bank, to wading a stream, creek or river, to traversing a lake with a bass boat - getting there is a big part of fishing.  Today more and more people are choosing to use canoes or kayaks . 

When it comes of Summer Time Fun - Fishing is a great outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by almost any age.  Kentucky offers a wide array ofplaces for people to get out and enjoy fishing. Whether it is a local pond, lake, river, or creek you are sure to find a incredible number of species of fish to pursue.   

A few things to remember - be sure to get your fishing license, always ask for permission to fish on priviate land, and always be safe when you are out on the water.  So go on, get out there, and catch that keeper you have always wanted.  No matter the outcome - the memories will last a lifetime.

Terry O'Neal