Last week I was driving around Columbia, when I came across John Chicoine, a US Marine Vet, standing on a corner holding a sign that said "Stop Obama From Stealing From Veterans".  Mr. Chicoine was letting his voice be heard over the newly passed budget bill that cut 6 billion dollars from veterans retirement benefits.  We have a video of Mr. Chicone, but the sound is not great do to wind.  Mr. Chicoine said he was getting a lot of support from the community on his stand.  When asked why did his sign say OBAMA, when it was congressional leaders that move the legislation, he responded that he felt that the final decision rested in Obama's hand - as he was in charge of the military and could veto the bill.  He was extremely clear that he loved and supported our government - but those running the government were off course, and not in touch with the average American.

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